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What is the best camera for an amateur photographer or professional photographer? The camera that is most suited for the job is the Oppo A15. It comes with eight mega pixels resolution, optical zoom, and digital zoom. OPPO A15 gives you more than what you pay for. OPPO A15 camera Review

Why buy Oppo A15 for mobiles? Eight mega pixels, optical zoom, and digital zoom are all impressive features to expect from a smartphone camera. However, when it comes to power, battery life is lacking. This is where the Oppo A15 beats the iPhone and HTC Desire.

Battery life is not the only reason to buy OPPO A15. The preview mode in the smartphone gives you the opportunity to preview the images you want to shoot without taking up the memory card. Just like any other cell phone, the OPPO A15 allows you to edit the pictures you took earlier using the built in photo editing software. The preview shot can be saved as a wallpaper, emailed to family members, or posted to Facebook.

Want to find out more about the OPPO A15’s camera performance? Here is everything you need to know about the camera in Oppo A15. Battery Power: It has been mentioned that this smartphone can last up to six hours. The review notes that the battery life in this smartphone is very good despite the high-powered processor inside. The phone runs on a single charge for about five hours. It can easily go for more than seven hours of real time video playback.

Video recording quality: When it comes to video recording quality, the OPPO A15 does not live up to its hype as it does not come with OIS (optical image sensor). Instead of OIS the A series, the Oppo A15 comes with four color filters. These filters enhance the colors of the captured scenes. So the result is that the shots taken with the A series can look extremely vivid. There is no other smartphone that captures such vibrant colors. It has also been mentioned that there are many room lights in the area which makes outdoor videos even more beautiful and entertaining.

Connectivity: The connectivity options in this smartphone are quite impressive. The OPPO A15 supports most of the popular connectivity standards including Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE and HSDPA. It has also been mentioned that this mobile phone is very efficient in power saving too. This is one key factor that helps it retain battery life for over nine hours. The OPPO A15 price is around 250 Euros so it is affordable and yet it offers all that and much more.

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